Monday, December 9, 2013

The End Of A Memorable Journey

      For others , it's just an end to the year 2013 . For me and my pals , well , it's the end of a memorable journey . Yes , I just finished primary school and 2013 happened to be my final year at this amazing school as you can see in the image . I spent a total of 6 remarkable years at this place , learning , experiencing , laughing , fighting , stressed , enjoying and having fun with my amazing and awesome friends . And to be honest , the first 5 years I spent here , I didn't exactly feel anything emotional about it or the feeling I get while at this school . But when it was the final year , it all suddenly unveiled itself . I realized that the years and memories I created at this place are too precious and that I will be cherishing it forever .
        90% of the memories are , definitely , from my awesome buddies and especially my 6 Pluto classmates . We had lots and lots of fun at this place in those 6 years , but the final year was the year that was the most memorable and had countless memories . Yeah of course me and my friends sometimes have a rough time with each other , having problems and arguments , a little bit of emotional scenes and even sometimes up to the point I feel like never forgiving them but at the end of day , we are still one , learning and experiencing things under the same roof . I can't help but just giggle when I looked back at the negative and not so sweet memories , but hey , it's normal and we'll eventually feel better .
       And as for the people who deserve the most respect and credit , the teachers , I cannot express the amount of gratefulness I have for you all . You probably won't be reading this , but I just want you teachers to know that if it wasn't for your never-ending dedication , patience , diligence , hardwork and your prayers for us , we never would have been as smart and well-knowledged as we are now . Thank you so much , teachers . May god bless you all .
      I think I have written so much already so as a closure to this really long blog post , I wanna thank EVERYONE who has been there for me and being by my side in any of those 6 years and creating countless , precious memories with me , thank you so much . Now it's the time we close this chapter and move on with life . I wish every SKBTHO(2) student especially my close friends and teachers the best in life and in what ever you're striving for . I love you all .

I'm Back

Hey there people of the blogging world ! Yes I am back after SUCH A LONG TIME . The reason I haven't been writing anything is because I thought my blog was lame and that nobody would actually follow or care about it , so yeah . But I've decided to post some more posts , just to see if this old and almost abandoned blog can be resurrected xD . I'm thinking of giving it a new look and making a few changes so that it looks more appealing . I don't have any idea how to do it but I see my friends doing it , so , it's gonna take some time lol . Anyway yes I'm back . It's the holiday so I'll have more than enough time to keep writing and posting :D

Friday, September 13, 2013

Year Of The Gamers .

During the final half of 2013 , lots of AMAZING games are scheduled to be released . One of the most highly anticipated one being GTA V which is now less than 5 days away ! Yahoo ! The trailers to the game looks very promising and it looks heck a lot of fun . Although I won't be able to buy GTA V , I'm still happy because I can watch more awesome gaming videos on YouTube . Haha

The two big first person shooter action series , Battlefield and Call Of Duty , are also respectively going to release their latest games : Battlefield 4 on October 29 and Call Of Duty : Ghosts on November 9 . Now personally , I think Battlefield 4 is better than COD: Ghosts according to the trailer and gameplay reveal but that's just my opinion . Both are really amazing franchises and I bet the rivalry between these two giants will make the gaming season more exciting .

And not to forget another famous series , which is the football game series FIFA by EA Sports which will release its latest installation which is FIFA 14 .  Football fans around the globe are certainly just marking out their calendars up to the date of its release which is on September 26 . Yeah , it's not that far so football fanatics , just be patient :)

Yeah pretty much the final half of 2013 is basically a season of fun for gamers worldwide . I expect lots of buzz to be going on around the internet , especially during the release dates . Gamers probably already pre-ordered their preferred games and some are preparing their wallets . So just wanna say I'm excited regardless of the fact that I won't be able to play any of the game anyway . Have fun gamers ! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


HEY YO ! Finally I'm back with a new post , and just to tell you something , UPSR IS DONE ! To anyone who does not know what UPSR is , it's the biggest exam the Standard 6 pupils in Malaysia face in all our 6 years of primary school . Technically it's the exam that decides where we're gonna study for the next 5 years . Yesterday was the last day and after the last paper ended at 4.00 p.m. all the guys went : " MERDEKA ! MERDEKA " ( independence in Malay ) . Although we only finished the exam and don't know the results yet , we don't care because for now , it's happiness and joy :D 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Started An Online Novel ! ... Yo what's up . Today I'm sharing you guys about a story ( novel ) I wrote on this website called . So far I have wrote about 2 chapters ( excluding the first one which is a list of the characters ) in the story . I'll try to write one chapter per day if I can ... but for now , how about you check out the first 2 chapters and tell me what you think :) Unless you are reading this sometime in the future where I have already added more chapters . 

So yeah , I've started an online war story and I hope you enjoy what I wrote . 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Pressure Is On .

So now starts the countdown to the big UPSR exam . The 6 preparation exams done , and now there's nothing between us and the UPSR . 

Everyone is hoping for the best ,because it's kinda like the thing that you've worked the entire 6 years for . This will decide the future of us , whether we'll go to boarding school or a normal school . One thing is for sure : 5A will be the ultimate target for all us , and it's not impossible . Although we have got some B marks in the preps exam , it doesn't matter . It was meant to be hard so that you'll get used to hard questions which pretty much are the type of questions the UPSR will feature .

Now 13 days to go before the big exam .  Less than 2 weeks to make final preparations . Let's just hope that I , and all my friends can create a miracle : The entire 1st position class pupils , all scoring 5As . It's not impossible . 

Football dreams .

So today , I feel like writing about my ultimate ambition , which is to become a world-class footballer . Now , I know that if my close friends read this , they'll probably think that 110% I will NOT be a footballer in the future . Yes , every time I state my dreams , I always get these replies : 
" Ugh , footballer ? Please , you can't even kick the ball " 
" What ? No , just , absolutely no . "
" It just does not suit you "

Well , I have to admit , I sometimes agree to what my friends say . I admit that I'm still far from even the lowest professional level , very far . But I always say to myself , if you believe and train hard enough , you'll get there . It might take 10 years , but you'll get there . 

I always try my best to show my ability at school , but my friends always places me in defence and never let me move forward for even a meter to support an attack . That's where I feel a little bit disappointed . Maybe it's because of my stamina and my control . Well , I still try to improve myself at home , even though there's no field to train on , just a vast ground of long grass , thousands of twigs and dirty ground . Sometimes , I'll even use the wall of the house porch to make a one-two pass simulation when I have no one to play with ( my friends live quite far from where I am ) . My brother sometimes play with me though , but he only helps me to train my passes because he said he does not know much about football skills and how he plays the game , although he seems like a really awesome player from my eyes , seriously . Let's just hope that I will get scouted sometime in the future while playing a game and join a proper football academy when I'm fully trained 

My name is Uthman and being a football player is my dream . 10 years from now , you will see me on television , dribbling past defenders and scoring lots of goals . Although I may be weak now , but that won't stop me from playing the game I love , and chasing my dreams . 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Awesome Seminar at UPM ( 24 and 25th Aug )

So yesterday , it was the final day of a 2-day seminar at Universiti Putra Malaysia ( UPM ) and I have one word to describe it : Awesome . It was the first time I studied stress-free . The teachers giving the lectures are really amazing , especially the Maths teacher :D . Although some of them might have got some things wrong and confused us , but they recovered them with great tips and a little bit of jokes . 

The bus ride on the way there was already awesome itself . We were riding in a 44-seated bus and chilled at the back of the bus , listening to music . We also recorded funny videos ( ridiculous ones ) while on the bus . It really was fun . The trip was not long though . 

The hall was quite large and all the 200 students chose their seats , preferably next to their buddies , like I did . Also , one of the entertaining moments was during one of the 3 breaks . During the break , the organisers played videos of amazing people doing unbelievable stuff . There were also short cartoon comedies . All of us were amazed by the amazing peoples video and the hall was covered with the words : WOOAAAHH !! At first , before the trip I thought that this seminar was going to be stressful and the teachers will be strict , but I was dead wrong . 

It truly was an amazing experience . I might be over exaggerating because I have never been to a seminar and I might say that the next one will be more amazing than this one . But regardless , I had a fun time learning with my awesome friends and the other 200 students . 


Hey everyone ! After my life-changing discovery of how fun Twitter is , it seems BLOGGER is the next thing I want to try out . Who knows ? It might turn out just as fun . Everything I wanted to say is already written on my blog header , so yeah . Life is good :)