Friday, September 13, 2013

Year Of The Gamers .

During the final half of 2013 , lots of AMAZING games are scheduled to be released . One of the most highly anticipated one being GTA V which is now less than 5 days away ! Yahoo ! The trailers to the game looks very promising and it looks heck a lot of fun . Although I won't be able to buy GTA V , I'm still happy because I can watch more awesome gaming videos on YouTube . Haha

The two big first person shooter action series , Battlefield and Call Of Duty , are also respectively going to release their latest games : Battlefield 4 on October 29 and Call Of Duty : Ghosts on November 9 . Now personally , I think Battlefield 4 is better than COD: Ghosts according to the trailer and gameplay reveal but that's just my opinion . Both are really amazing franchises and I bet the rivalry between these two giants will make the gaming season more exciting .

And not to forget another famous series , which is the football game series FIFA by EA Sports which will release its latest installation which is FIFA 14 .  Football fans around the globe are certainly just marking out their calendars up to the date of its release which is on September 26 . Yeah , it's not that far so football fanatics , just be patient :)

Yeah pretty much the final half of 2013 is basically a season of fun for gamers worldwide . I expect lots of buzz to be going on around the internet , especially during the release dates . Gamers probably already pre-ordered their preferred games and some are preparing their wallets . So just wanna say I'm excited regardless of the fact that I won't be able to play any of the game anyway . Have fun gamers ! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


HEY YO ! Finally I'm back with a new post , and just to tell you something , UPSR IS DONE ! To anyone who does not know what UPSR is , it's the biggest exam the Standard 6 pupils in Malaysia face in all our 6 years of primary school . Technically it's the exam that decides where we're gonna study for the next 5 years . Yesterday was the last day and after the last paper ended at 4.00 p.m. all the guys went : " MERDEKA ! MERDEKA " ( independence in Malay ) . Although we only finished the exam and don't know the results yet , we don't care because for now , it's happiness and joy :D