Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I've Been Up To

I haven't wrote in a while so now I'm gonna do it . 

So it's been quite a while ( although I'm sure no one gave a fck about this blog pft ) since I've wrote anything and I just wanted to share what I've been doing or spending my time with for these past few weeks/months . 

It's a new life for me because I am now moving on to high school . Of course , the first days are really nerve-wrecking and a bit scary for me . New teachers , new environments , new subjects , new experience and much more . But I have now safely survived the 3rd week of school and everything has gone well so far . And I'm really sad of the fact that most of my primary school friends are gonna leave for boarding school :( .... but it's for their own good and I should be happy for their success on getting that far . Glad that some of my old friends are staying . That's good enough for me . 

Another thing is that recently , I have started to re-follow Naruto Shippuden , a series I've abandoned in the past . My brother got me back into reading the manga and I am grateful for it haha . The series is getting really exciting and really intense . But the sad part is that the creator , Masashi Kishimoto , said that the series is in its final phase , which meant it'll be ending soon :( . It is saddening to find out about this when I was just starting to get back , but that's just how Kishimoto wants it to turn out , and he does need and deserve rest eventually . 

Alright , now I'm gonna tell about a new band I just very recently found out about . Band's called Against The Current . How I knew them is from one of their members , a really REALLY beautiful teenager named Chrissy Costanza . I love her and have a huge crush on her lol . She's the main singer and her voice is phenomenal . I tell you , she has amazing talent . And she likes playing video games so she has the entire package going on lol . I found about her and decided to know more and eventually found out about ATC as well . This band is immensely talented and their singles and covers are excellently made . I'm more than sure that this rookie band have a bright future ahead of them .

Chrissy <3

So yeah , that's all I have for this post . I'm out :D