Monday, December 9, 2013

The End Of A Memorable Journey

      For others , it's just an end to the year 2013 . For me and my pals , well , it's the end of a memorable journey . Yes , I just finished primary school and 2013 happened to be my final year at this amazing school as you can see in the image . I spent a total of 6 remarkable years at this place , learning , experiencing , laughing , fighting , stressed , enjoying and having fun with my amazing and awesome friends . And to be honest , the first 5 years I spent here , I didn't exactly feel anything emotional about it or the feeling I get while at this school . But when it was the final year , it all suddenly unveiled itself . I realized that the years and memories I created at this place are too precious and that I will be cherishing it forever .
        90% of the memories are , definitely , from my awesome buddies and especially my 6 Pluto classmates . We had lots and lots of fun at this place in those 6 years , but the final year was the year that was the most memorable and had countless memories . Yeah of course me and my friends sometimes have a rough time with each other , having problems and arguments , a little bit of emotional scenes and even sometimes up to the point I feel like never forgiving them but at the end of day , we are still one , learning and experiencing things under the same roof . I can't help but just giggle when I looked back at the negative and not so sweet memories , but hey , it's normal and we'll eventually feel better .
       And as for the people who deserve the most respect and credit , the teachers , I cannot express the amount of gratefulness I have for you all . You probably won't be reading this , but I just want you teachers to know that if it wasn't for your never-ending dedication , patience , diligence , hardwork and your prayers for us , we never would have been as smart and well-knowledged as we are now . Thank you so much , teachers . May god bless you all .
      I think I have written so much already so as a closure to this really long blog post , I wanna thank EVERYONE who has been there for me and being by my side in any of those 6 years and creating countless , precious memories with me , thank you so much . Now it's the time we close this chapter and move on with life . I wish every SKBTHO(2) student especially my close friends and teachers the best in life and in what ever you're striving for . I love you all .

I'm Back

Hey there people of the blogging world ! Yes I am back after SUCH A LONG TIME . The reason I haven't been writing anything is because I thought my blog was lame and that nobody would actually follow or care about it , so yeah . But I've decided to post some more posts , just to see if this old and almost abandoned blog can be resurrected xD . I'm thinking of giving it a new look and making a few changes so that it looks more appealing . I don't have any idea how to do it but I see my friends doing it , so , it's gonna take some time lol . Anyway yes I'm back . It's the holiday so I'll have more than enough time to keep writing and posting :D