Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Pressure Is On .

So now starts the countdown to the big UPSR exam . The 6 preparation exams done , and now there's nothing between us and the UPSR . 

Everyone is hoping for the best ,because it's kinda like the thing that you've worked the entire 6 years for . This will decide the future of us , whether we'll go to boarding school or a normal school . One thing is for sure : 5A will be the ultimate target for all us , and it's not impossible . Although we have got some B marks in the preps exam , it doesn't matter . It was meant to be hard so that you'll get used to hard questions which pretty much are the type of questions the UPSR will feature .

Now 13 days to go before the big exam .  Less than 2 weeks to make final preparations . Let's just hope that I , and all my friends can create a miracle : The entire 1st position class pupils , all scoring 5As . It's not impossible . 

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